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Nobody Excessively Compliments BusinessWeek But BusinessWeek, Got It?

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Someone’s got an axe to grind over at and whoever he/she is has embraced the platitudes of “kill ‘em with kindness” and “once you’ve got them exactly where you want them, which is to say, drugged up on outlandish and unwarranted flattery, leak an email detailing your work. By the time they come to, the only acceptable course to take will be a witch hunt that would make even Winona Ryder quake in her boots.” Gawker, hot on the trail, informs:

BusinessWeek's online division has launched an Orwellian campaign to catch an internal leaker...The personhunt has been launched to track down who leaked internal emails relating to speculation about the identity of a commenter ("Martin Smithers") who habitually and suspiciously praises the mag to the heavens. We hear that a "forensic audit" of emails has been ordered to figure out whence the leak sprung, and all IMs will now be surveilled. An even stranger rumor has boss Kathy Rebello hiring some sort of prose expert to compare the writing of employees versus that of the leaker, thus snaring the perpetrator in some kind of Da Vinci Code literary trap.

BusinessWeek Will Get to the Bottom of This, You [Gawker]


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