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'Note to self, Stop calling it corn muffins. Ms. Kuzi-Orizu recalls thinking, adding, "That was our 'Aha' moment".'

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After trailing Chelsea Milling Co.'s Jiffy in the muffin-mix market for years, General Mills Inc. sought advice from some of its African-American employees on how to improve the marketing of its Betty Crocker corn-muffin mix.
Mr. [Zack] Ruderman, who is white, says: "I wasn't concerned about the risks of shifting marketing focus from the general market, because I felt when you're looking for experts, African-Americans have a lot more history and higher usage with cornbread."
Ms. Kuzi-Orizu, now a 29-year-old associate program manager at General Mills, also recalls asking about "corn muffins," and an employee saying, " 'I can tell you about cornbread, but we don't call it 'corn muffins.' "

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