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NYT Editor: Gretchen Is, Like, Totally Popular

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We're way, way too polite to ask Bill Keller to name even one of the "legions of Wall Street executives" who read Gret-Gret with "respectful dread."

As for Gretchen Morgenson, who is a particular object of Mr. Jenkins's scorn, I'm not sure which is the best evidence of her immense civic value: the legions of Wall Street executives who read her with respectful dread, because she understands them so well; the testimony of ordinary investors and other readers who look to her as one of the markets' shrewdest and most fearless guides; the Pulitzer she won for a body of work that Mr. Jenkins calls "relentless but unanalytical" and the Pulitzer Board called "trenchant and incisive"; or the efforts of just about every business editor in town to hire her away from us.

Misrepresented, Insulted and Belittled [New York Times]