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On The Problematic Lack of Wall Street Nick Names & A Proposed Remedy

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A story in the Financial Times reminds us of something we’ve been meaning to complain about for a long time. We need more nicknames for Wall Street’s boldest and brightest. The folks in politics have nicknames—George Bush gives everyone a nickname. The folks in pop-culture have nicknames—K-Fed, Brit-Brit. The sports world overflows with the them.
And Wall Street? We’ve got Mack the Knife at Morgan Stanley but not much else. Stevie, Sandy and Jamie don’t quite cut it. This is a kind of a sad situation, which we plan on remedying shortly by the capricious and arbitrary nicknaming of almost every Wall Street big we write about.
But we thought we’d start with your suggestions. What should we call, for instance, Jamie Dimon? Stanley O’Neal? What nicknames have you heard? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.
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