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Our 'Name That Extorted Executive' Investigation Continues

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We’re getting closer and closer to identifying the Fortune 500 executive hit by a Craiglist extortist. In addition to the details we noted earlier, the complaint notes that the company is based in the Southern District of New York. Now, there are around 92 Fortune 500 companies located in New York State. But the Southern District is much smaller, covering just the Bronx, Dutchess, New York, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, & Westchester Counties. And we know the victim is a man so we can cross off all those New York based Fortune 500 companies run by women, narrowing down our investigation considerably a tiny bit.
After the jump, we irresponsibly speculate on the secret identity of the crime victim.

One reader suggested that the search be narrowed to NYC—which (we’re told) is home to 42 Fortune 500 companies run by men. But that seems unwarranted. In fact, given the fact that the executive met his future extortionist in Mount Kisco, it’s likely that the company is based in Westchester. (Why would anyone go to Mount Kisco for a romantic rendezvous if they worked in Manhattan? Especially with the wife and kids in nearby Connecticut, this strikes us as very unlikely.) That really, really narrows the list.
In fact, by our count it brings us down to just seven companies: PepsiCo, Pepsi Bottling, ITT Industries, Starwood Hotels & Rsrts, MasterCard, Reader’s Digest Association and MBIA. All run by men.
Now the bad news: the story at TSG has been changed so that it only references a “Senior Executive” at one of those companies. It’s not clear whether this change was made to protect the identity of the executive or whether it was simply an error in the first place. The complaint itself doesn’t reference a “chief executive” so it’s possible that this (ahem) “investigation” might hit a dead end. There are only six chief executives that fit the profile. But there are probably countless “senior executives.”
Still, let’s not let that stop us! Feel free to post your nominations (or alternative analysis if you don’t like our Westchester hypothesis) in the comments section below. Or email them to tips(at)