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Redstone Family Feuds

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You know what? Looking back on it, maybe Warren Buffett's decision to give away is fortune wasn't such a bad idea.
From today's New York Post:

Sumner Redstone's nephew is suing the media mogul for allegedly cutting him out of the family fortune.
In a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts earlier this month, Michael Redstone accused his father Edward Redstone and his uncle Sumner Redstone of "self-dealing" and "unjust enrichment" in a series of decades-old transactions involving the family holding company, National Amusements.
Specifically, Michael Redstone charged that his father and billionaire uncle cheated him and other family members out of their fair share of National Amusements in two redemption deals in 1972 and 1984.

Another Would-Be Redstone Heir Sues [New York Post]