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Redstone Swims—In The Nude—Every Afternoon.

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You probably already know this-- really, how could you not-- but, to wit, Sumner Redstone is a clothes-eschewing, Greek god-emulating, attention-whoring, schoolteacher-tail chasing real estate snob, and a not-dead friend of fish.

Out back, next to the infinity pool, with its 50-mile views over downtown, is the hot tub where Redstone likes to shave—in the nude, also. Right now there's a can of Gillette shaving cream beside it.
...down the hall is the study where he spends much of each day on the phone, surrounded by tanks of his beloved saltwater fish.
"I feel attached to them,'' Redstone volunteers. "If a fish dies, it really affects me.''
The study, or "the fish room,'' as Redstone calls it, is the center of his daily routine.
"I think Sumner will do anything for attention. It's what started all this,'' says Sue Mengers, the Hollywood doyenne and onetime superagent. "The consensus in the community is that what he did to Tom Cruise, and to Freston, was outrageous, you know, just to prove he's still alive.''
Redstone says he was intrigued by the idea of meeting a schoolteacher.
Earlier that day Redstone had messengered over a packet of his press clippings [to his future wife, before their date]. Not to brag, he says: "I was trying to let her know who I was.''
Redstone was aghast at her tiny apartment, which he nicknamed "Ratland.''
Redstone's afternoon ends after his shave, when he slips back into his robe—"so I'm not sitting in the nude, you know''—and returns to the fish room for more phone calls.

Also, Larry King? Bit of a busybody.

We were sitting with Larry King, and Larry said something like 'What's going on with you two?'

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By Olaf Kosinsky (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons

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