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Ron Perelman May Or May Not Be “Seeing” Socialite Fashion-Designer Tory Burch

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Tory Burch is one of those women famous for having married well. Years ago she married venture capitalist Christopher Burch, hatched a bunch of his children and oversaw the construction of the family’s 9,000 square foot apartment in the Pierre Hotel.
Okay. Not that well. Or at least not happily ever after. Her marriage is heading for divorce, and the clothing company financed by her soon-to-be-ex-husband is rumored to be in trouble. But don’t worry for Tory. It looks like she'll land on her feet, somehow. This morning Page Six is reporting that the blonde socialite has been spotted hanging around Ron Perelman.

HAVING split up with sultry psychiatrist Anna Chapman, Ron Perelman is now seeing fashion designer Tory Burch , who met him at a charity event. "Tory is flattered. She likes him," said a pal of the petite blonde. The two are keeping the relationship very quiet as Burch's divorce from Christopher Burch "is not over yet and has gotten very nasty. It's so bad that it is hard for them to work together at the clothing company." A rep for Perelman denied he and Burch were dating but conceded they dined together last week.

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