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Slutting Your Way To A Good Loan

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Jessica Wolcott is not just an extortionist. She's also a model/market/entrepreneur—at least according several loan requests she made on the website Prosper, which brings together small lenders with borrowers. From March through April of this year, Wolcott placed six ads on the website seeking between $10,0000 and $20,0000—requests totaling $90,000—giving a variety of reasons why she needed the money and what she planned to do with it.
The young woman who pleaded guilty to extorting a Pepsi executive after meeting him over craiglist wasn't exactly shy about including lots of pictures with her loan requests, including the one you see to you left. Some of the pictures seem designed to show her as as a sweet young thing who volunteers as a Big Sister, while others are clearly attempts to look sexy and provocative.
Gawker last night reported on the Prosper profile and noted that there were even more pictures on Craiglist but, of course, these are long gone. The New York Post this morning reports that Jessica apparently lied about a lot of things in her loan requests.

She claimed in those postings that she had a $60,000 marketing job, modeled for Pantene Pro-V shampoo, had a Johns Hopkins University chemistry degree and that her parents were dead.
But court records reveal Wolcott's mother is alive, and a Johns Hopkins spokeswoman said Wolcott never matriculated there.
Court records also show Wolcott was evicted from an apartment in April for not paying her rent.

Jessica's Borrower Profile