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Spitzer Likes It Slow and Painful

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There's a kind of unreality to all this, since former NYSE boss Dick Grasso is appealing the ruling ordering him to pay back millions to the NYSE. But we cannot help but imagine that the lawyers from the attorney general's office were smiling as they told Grasso that he could take his sweet time selling everything he owns to pay the bill.

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is willing to give Dick Grasso plenty of time to sell assets to come up with the cash to pay back the disputed multimillion-dollar paycheck that got him ousted from the helm of the New York Stock Exchange.
But Spitzer doesn't want to wait to firm up what the total payout will be, Avi Schick, a deputy for the attorney general, said at a hearing in state court in Manhattan yesterday.
Schick said he understands it may take a while for Grasso to sell assets, which include several homes and more than a dozen cars, to help round up the $112 million the attorney general tallied the former Big Board head must return to the exchange.

No Rush
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