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Sure Mommy Still Loves You. But Mommy Loves Cognac Too.

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First we find out that we’re not supposed to marry a career woman. Now it turns out its a mistake to have one as a mother also.

Lucia Skwarek, a portfolio manager and mother in New York City, gets on a plane bound for business in Moscow or Milan, there are not only meetings, but play dates to schedule. When she is done wooing investors for her hedge fund and parsing a pile of e-mail messages, though, Ms. Skwarek looks forward to a little “me” time.
“I can go home and deal with two screaming 6-year-old twins and a grumpy preteen,” she said. “Or I can go to the Four Seasons in Mexico City and drink Cognac in the bathtub.”

We're a bit confused. On the one hand, this lede seems a bit like a hit-job, meant to make Skwarek seem like some maladjusted, self-involved uber-bitch--and by extension case a pall on all professional women with children. On the other hand, maybe Skwarek is a maladusted, self-involved uber-bitch. And on the other,other hand, cognac in the bathtub is pretty effin hot.
By the way, we think Skwarek works at JP Morgan but we haven't been able to confirm that yet.Update: Seems she's at Greylock Capital now. The news about her at JP Morgan was very old. She used to be a top trader on JP Morgan's Latin American equities desk but now is a portfolio manager at Greylock.

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