The Boy In The Bubble Returns


Oh man. We totally wanted to be excited about the recent stock market rally. But if profiles of Ryan Jacob aren't bubble signs nothing is.
From today's Daily News:

Ryan Jacob, 37, has seen a lifetime's worth of ups and downs on Wall Street.
During the late 1990s, Jacob was a cover boy for the Internet boom, running two of the hottest tech funds around, including his own Jacob Internet Fund (JAMFX).
Young, handsome and plugged in, the dark-haired Web Master was profiled frequently, became a CNBC regular and even had an his own online fan club.
But like other tech superheros, Jacob crashed when the bubble burst. In 2001, after hitting $300 million the previous year, his fund fizzled down to less than $10 million.
Now, Jacob's leading the way back in a broader tech revival.
So far this year, his $90 million Jacob Internet Fund, whose holdings include Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO) and Apple (AAPL) as well as several Chinese Internet companies, is up 14.83%, outpacing the Nasdaq's 10.77% rise and the S&P's 11.88% jump. Among its tech peers, his portfolio is the top performer, racking up a five-year annualized return of more than 26%.



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