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The Boy In The Bubble Returns

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Oh man. We totally wanted to be excited about the recent stock market rally. But if profiles of Ryan Jacob aren't bubble signs nothing is.
From today's Daily News:

Ryan Jacob, 37, has seen a lifetime's worth of ups and downs on Wall Street.
During the late 1990s, Jacob was a cover boy for the Internet boom, running two of the hottest tech funds around, including his own Jacob Internet Fund (JAMFX).
Young, handsome and plugged in, the dark-haired Web Master was profiled frequently, became a CNBC regular and even had an his own online fan club.
But like other tech superheros, Jacob crashed when the bubble burst. In 2001, after hitting $300 million the previous year, his fund fizzled down to less than $10 million.
Now, Jacob's leading the way back in a broader tech revival.
So far this year, his $90 million Jacob Internet Fund, whose holdings include Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO) and Apple (AAPL) as well as several Chinese Internet companies, is up 14.83%, outpacing the Nasdaq's 10.77% rise and the S&P's 11.88% jump. Among its tech peers, his portfolio is the top performer, racking up a five-year annualized return of more than 26%.



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