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The Cleaners Come For Goldman

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When we heard that "the cleaners" had trapped Goldman Sachs London employees in their offices during their lunch today, we imagined Mr. Wolf from "Pulp Fiction" or the squad that comes in to execute everyone in sight in "Le Femme Nikita." But, as it turns out, these are just regular old cleaners. Like people who clean stuff.

Workers at investment bank Goldman Sachs, some of the highest paid professionals in the City, were trapped on Tuesday lunchtime inside their Fleet Street offices by cleaners protesting over low pay.
About 20 cleaners and Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) union members stormed the office building around lunchtime carrying placards reading "Goldman Sucks".
The cleaners, who were contained in the reception area, targeted the bank because it owns, together with a private equity firm, their employer ISS -- one of the world's largest contract building services companies.

Goldman Sachs workers trapped by angry cleaners