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The Morgan Stanley Internship Poll Results

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Well that was almost interesting. There was a moment there when we thought the preppy white kid who adores Ayn Rand wasn't going to win the Morgan Stanley internship poll. For much of the week, it was anybody's race to win. In the last day or so, however, Ray Phillips pulled ahead. And now its time to call a spade a spade recognize that we do in fact have a clear winner. So this afternoon we're awarding Ray the laurel crown. Ray Phillips you are totally winning that Morgan Stanley internship.*
[*Note: Of course by "totally winning" we don't mean to imply that we have anything to do with who wins. Actually, we didn't read the rules so we're not even sure how the winner to this contest is selected. But you've won the much, much, much more important contest: the contest for the votes of DealBreaker Readers. So even if you do end up losing, you'll always be a winner to us.]