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Traders On The Couch

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Time was that traders dealing with emotional stress turned to strippers and blow. We guess making an appointment with a shrink represents some kind of progress.

"Traders are now going to psychologists - of course they are," said Howard Lasher, a veteran trader on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, watching downcast traders head for the exits at neighboring NYSE. "What's the choice?"
Dr. Ari Kiev, best-selling author of several books on the psychology of trading - he taught his groundbreaking strategies to billionaire hedge fund trader Steve Cohen - admits he has seen several traders recently due to unemployment trauma.
"Some traders would talk to me about those kind of issues," he told The Post. "They could be clinically depressed or suffering from a phobic disorder." Dr. Kiev, who refined the motivational techniques for traders he pioneered as the first psychiatrist on the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Council, said his aim is to get pink-slipped pros back in the game.

Laid Off Traders Are Now Shrink Rapt
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