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Verizon To Plunder The Sanctity Of LonelyGirl15 In The Name Of Revenue

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An agreement would allow Verizon's customers to view some of the most avidly watched entertainment on the Internet. That could advance the long-expected convergence of video and cellphones. It could also, at least temporarily, give Verizon a marketing edge over its rivals in the wireless and cable industries, furthering the company's efforts to expand into Internet and entertainment services.
Under the terms being discussed, customers of Verizon Wireless -- Verizon's joint venture with Vodafone Group PLC -- would be able to view some YouTube videos on their cellphones through the carrier's premium V Cast service, people familiar with the matter said. Verizon Wireless, like other cellular providers, has been adding video and data services to offset declining revenue from its calling plans.

LG15 fans are likely to be conflicted about this news. On the one hand, Verizon is using their girl for its own selfish gains. On the other hand, now we they can watch her from anywhere.
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