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Vile Bodies: Barkin Soaks Perelman

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The Waverly Inn recently reopened in the West Village, and last night it was the stage for the latest scene between wealthy investor Ronald Perelman and his ex-wife, the actress Ellen Barkin, according to the New York Post's Page Six.

Ellen Barkin gave her hot-headed ex-husband, Ronald Perelman, a cool glass of water - right in the face - when the billionaire approached her table at the Waverly Inn on Wednesday night...
When Perelman kept advancing on Barkin's table...she shouted, "Please! Do not come any closer!" But Perelman kept coming, and according to our eyewitness, "leaned in as if to kiss [Barkin] on the cheek." That's when Barkin drenched him with a full glass of water.

The full story explains what happened (or didn't happen) next, and is full of recriminations and counter-recriminations from the friends of Perelman and Barkin. If you are following this, you'll probably want to know that Perleman's dinner guest was long-time girlfriend Anna Chapman and not Tory Burch (who has reportedly also been seeing lately).
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