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Wall Street Now Totally Gay

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What? Like you didn't already know that? Another (albeit, no more accurate) way of putting it is that 18 more firms got 100% scores this year than four years ago. Which means an increase of about 18 gazillion basis points in the gay-friendliness of Wall Street.

Nineteen financial companies received scores of 100 percent in September based on policies aimed at creating equitable rules for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered employees. Four years ago, only one, J.P. Morgan Chase, got top marks. The only U.S. securities firm among the top five by market value that did not score 100 this year was Bear Stearns, which did not participate in the survey.

So Wall Street is now Gay Disneyland: the gay-friendliest place on earth.
Wall St. reaches out to gay employees [Bloomberg in the International Herald Tribune]