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What the Business Mags are Saying...

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In Business Week:
$$$ Amazon to offer their computer and digital-distribution network models to smaller businesses, with many skeptics on Wall Street. [Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet]
$$$ The possibilities, pros, cons and profitability of harvesting alternative power for midwestern farmers co-ops. [Harvesting Green Power]
$$$ With the number of cases brought before the agency down 10% since the fall of Enron, the SEC investigate more acts of wrongdoing in 2007 [The SEC Gets Busy]
In Forbes:
$$$ Commercial fishing boats workers, truck drivers, carpenters and executives at retail and other business service industries--numbers on industries where employees those who don't last that long ron the job. [America's Most Dangerous Jobs]
$$$ Collision of print and the Web: This week, Google to offer customers opportunities to bid for advertising space in more than 50 print publications, including The New York Times and Boston Globe.
$$$ More compromise on regulation issues or greater pursuit of litigation? How the midterm elections will affect the SEC's function. [Regulatory Climate To Ease Post-Election]
In Fortune:

$$$ Secret service nab a master con artist due accused of inflating the value of real estate properties to home lenders and hording the profits [The Bonnie and Clyde of Mortgage Fraud]
$$$ With all eyes on Missouri and Viriginia, the spotlight may be on new, relatively untested voting machines, courtesy Diebold, Inc. [Rage Against the Machine]
$$$ McCain's Straight Talk Express calls ethanol conversion programs an "artificial market" made to put money back into the pockets of big business, a position that could alienate him from midwestern votes in a possible bid for the White House in 2008 [McCain's farm flip]