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What the Business Mags Are Saying...

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In Business Week:
$$$ Is a Democratic-controlled legislature too little, to late? Recommendations into the next “Big Idea” to safeguard U.S. economy against those eerie "global forces." And four others we’re still wrestling with. [Can Anyone Steer This Economy?]
$$$ The Psychology of CEO Pay: Does high pay abet good decision-making or vice versa? A chicken-egg inquisition into their obscenely high paychecks. [CEO Pay: The Prestige, The Peril]
$$$ Giving CNBC a run for their money: the infinite possibilities of Fox Business News. [Is Fox’s Business Channel A Go?]
In Forbes:
$$$ The MillennialMicro-Managed Generation: How much of a role should parents play in their kids’ job search? [Are Parents Killing Their Kids’ Careers?]
$$$ One more list: A look into America’s 395 Largest Private Companies list, all pulling in at least $1 billion in annual revenue. [The Largest Private Companies]
$$$ Google vs. Microsoft: Microsoft to invest $650 million in search services, while Google looks to attract big accounts for business versions of its software. [Desperate Acts]
In Fortune:
$$$ Paulson’s plans for the shaping economic policy after an upsetting Democratic sweep ⎯ and salvaging Bush’s two years. [Mr. Paulson Goes to Washington]
$$$ Milberg Weiss: counsel to the blue-collared worker, champion of the class-action lawsuit ⎯ indicted for giving $11.4 million in kickbacks to plaintiffs over the span of 25 years. [The Fall of America’s Meanest Law Firm]
$$$ Forget the Digital Revolution: MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld says the next revolution will be in manufacturing (think alarm clocks that wrestle you to make sure you wake up on time). [A Factory of One’s Own]