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What the Business Mags are Saying...

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In Business Week:
$$$ Firing top executives, scheduled options rewards, and other ways companies named in the options scandal can save face and boost investor confidence. [How to Clean Up a Scandal]
$$$ MySpace: The short head of a burgeoning online social-networking movement [There's Not Enough 'Me' in MySpace]
$$$ Casual conversational Fridays: Some companies are requiring reduced email usage as a way to increase productivity. [*!#@ The Email. Can We Talk?]
In Forbes:
$$$ Lead plaintiff in Halliburton class-action suit ask for a change in legal representation following recent charges against current attorney's firm, Milberg Weiss. [Battle of the Class-Action Titans]
$$$ Forbes asks us what we would change about ourselves and the world if we could start from scratch. Some thoughts on the quality of higher education, the pharmaceutical industry, and America's prison system. [Blank Slate]
In Fortune:
$$$ MOOORE on the options scandal: spring-loading, symmetric spring-loading (what?), bullet-dodging (has anyone else never heard this one?). Aside from tougher disclosure rules, the SEC has yet to prosecute companies, executives, or compensation committees that do it, and few, if any, shareholder class-action suits have been pursued. You can't really call it a "scandal" if, technically, nothing illegal has been done, right? [Sleazy CEOs have even more options tricks]
$$$ A, "$4 billion company run like a 20-person startup." The rise and fall of Sanjay Kumar and Computer Associates. [CA: America's Most Dysfunctional Company]
$$$ Companies like Goldman and Amgen are looking to Teach for America's recruits for potential talent. [Schooling Giants on Recruiting].