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Will Rummy Head To Wall Street?

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Everyone now thinks of Donald Rumsfeld as the snippy man who speaks in metaphysical riddles and never seemed to get the idea that things aren't going terribly well for us in Iraq. But long before he was the Secretary of Defense, Rummy spent a couple of years as investment banker and lots of years as a corporate executive. He served on the boards of several companies and actually ran a few as CEO, including drug-maker G.D. Searle & Company.
So now that he’s officially been officially thrown off Bush’s cabinet, it’s time to start wondering what’s next for Rummy. Is he headed to Wall Street? We hear that there are some at Morgan Stanley who would like to see him come over to the bank. (Although our source has no real reason to know this kind of information, so take that with a grain of salt.) Or will he head back into the corporate board room? Today’s DealBreaker Reader Poll asks you to predict the next port of call for the USS Rumsfeld.

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