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Announcing the DealBreaker of The Year Countdown!

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The world of finance is an awfully big place—stretching from Wall Street and Greenwich, Connecticut across through Omaha’s oracle and the Valley’s Silicon VCs all the way to India’s entrepreneur’s and Dubai’s sheik-chic-tricked out traders. So choosing one person to be the DealBreaker of the Year—the one person who has made the biggest, most important impact on this far-flung sunsetless empire of capital—might seem capricious, arbitrary or downright foolish.
But we’re going to do it anyway. We’ve got a list of nominees who we will profile over the next week or so, pointing out why they are candidates for the award. Time Magazine once named “the personal computer” its Man of the Year, and our list will be similarly diverse. Our list of candidates will include bankers, traders, exectuvies and brokers, of course, but also regulators, politicians, institutions, journalists and maybe even entire countries. It’s a wide open world and we’re taking the broadest possible approach.
All this will culminate in our awarding someone or something with the title “DealBreaker of the Year.” Get excited.
Even better. Play along at home. We want your submissions for the DealBreaker of the Year. Send them to Don’t worry too much about figuring out what our official criteria are…we’re still figuring that out ourselves. The point is we want the person with the power, the money and the glory to call themselves DealBreaker’s man, woman, movement or machine of year, and we want you to help us find them.
And there’s something in it for you. We’ll be giving away a copy of Jack and Suzy Welch’s Winning: The Answers: Confronting 74 of the Toughest Questions in Business Today for every submission we use. And if you pick the winning solution, there will be a very special prize (but we’re keeping that one under wraps for now).