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Becky Quick Not Pulling A Runner Today

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When CNBC named one of its programs "After Hours with Maria Bartiromo" a trader friend of hours responded, "Holy crap! Why don't they just call it 'Under The Sheets With Maria'? And then they can launch 'Making Out In A Cab With Bianca Golodryga' or 'Waking Up Next To Becky Quick.' If you're going to try to sex-up financial news, just go all the way."
And today we've noticed that Becky Quick is going all the way with us. Usually she's the kind of girl who sticks with you in the morning but quickly scurries off around 9 am. Today she's sitting in for one of the regular hosts of Morning Call so you've got a couple of extra hours of Boom-Boom Becks to brighten your day.