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Bloomberg Eat Reviews: Steak House Review Gets Flushed

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The user generated restauarant reviews on Bloomberg are like the last couple of plays of a Giants game: you almost never look at them, and then only for the purposes of laughing at them. In fact, the only real reason even to post a review is if you have something funny today say.
This morning a reader sent in a couple of screenshots of some recent reviews, and included the story of what happened when, well, let's let the reader tell the story:

"one guy reviewed a steak restaurant by describing his bowel movement in gory detail. Suddenly, page views went through the roof and in response the editor of the EAT function sent around a system-wide message about renewed interest in the function. and then she realized exactly what had renewed the interest and deleted it."

Nicely done. We could use more of this. Send the best example of Bloomberg user generated content to us at tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com. Screenshots are great, but we'll take narrative descriptions too. Thanks!
Update: After the jump, a larger and actually readable version of the screenshot.