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BofA C.F.O. Nostalgic For The "Good Times," Sick Of Doing All The Work For None Of The Credit

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Bank of America's Chief Financial Officier, Alvaro de Molina, will resign at the end of the year, DealBook reports, finding his 16-month old job "suffocating," etc.

“The role of the C.F.O. and the C.E.O. are not as fun as they used to be from a regulatory standpoint, but the C.E.O. gets to run the show,” he said. “The C.F.O. of a well-run company gets all of the guts but none of the glory.”

But does de Molina's exit have anything to do with greener pastures elsewhere, perhaps?

When asked about a possible job as an executive at Citigroup, he told The Times: “The last I checked they had their management team intact and a very capable” executives. But when pressed, he added, “I am not ruling anything out.”

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