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BofA C.F.O. Nostalgic For The "Good Times," Sick Of Doing All The Work For None Of The Credit


Bank of America's Chief Financial Officier, Alvaro de Molina, will resign at the end of the year, DealBook reports, finding his 16-month old job "suffocating," etc.

“The role of the C.F.O. and the C.E.O. are not as fun as they used to be from a regulatory standpoint, but the C.E.O. gets to run the show,” he said. “The C.F.O. of a well-run company gets all of the guts but none of the glory.”

But does de Molina's exit have anything to do with greener pastures elsewhere, perhaps?

When asked about a possible job as an executive at Citigroup, he told The Times: “The last I checked they had their management team intact and a very capable” executives. But when pressed, he added, “I am not ruling anything out.”

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