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Bonus Watch: $100M Bonus Babies At Goldman

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They are the anti-Brian Hunters. In a year when a volatile energy market brought down the hedge fund Amaranth, Goldman's energy traders did so well that they are said to have added points to the firm's bottom line. And now the Post is reporting that some energy traders may get bonuses as high as $100 million.

At the top end of the pay scale, it has been reported that Goldman was likely to pay a "golden 25" managers, bankers and traders at least a cool $25 million each.
But a source close to the firm told The Post that some of the top performers may actually get four times that.
The $100 million bonus babies are in charge of making big bets with Goldman's money on the direction of the prices of commodities, including oil and natural gas. And this year, they won big.

So anyone want to guess who exactly might be a candidate for the $100 million bonus?
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