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Bonus Watch: At Least You're Not In Europe

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Wall Streeters have lots of reasons to worry this time of year. When the ultimate judgment is coming down on you—the bonus decision—you often find yourself paying lots of attention to every little clue about what management has planned for you.
But, if you’re working in the US, at least you are not watching your bonus fade away with the falling dollar.
Ireland’s Breaking News reports:

Sterling’s surge against the dollar could also dent City bonuses for London-based bankers working for Wall Street firms as many bonuses are calculated in dollars and converted to the local currency when they are paid.

But that’s just really an excuse for the main reason we’re posting this: we want to hear from you. Email us, slip notes under our door, leave comments, approach us late at night in one of our waterholes with any information or rumors you have—no matter how unfounded, baseless or random—on bonuses. There’s even something in it for you. You see, the way these things work, if we get the scoop on what a couple of firms are paying out, this might have the effect of pressuring others to up there bonus packages to match.
So get to work and get to leaking. Together, we can make this happen. Thanks.
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