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Bonus Watch: Rules For Surviving the Bonus Season

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At some point we promise we'll get around to writing about something other than bonuses. But not yet. We can't resist a good Michael Lewis column. And today he's giving some helpful rules on what to do now that you've got your year end bonus.

Rule #1: Acknowledge that your family has become a distraction. Now that you have made some real money you can see your siblings, cousins, and in-laws in a clearer light. They seem somehow...poorer. Less relevant. Ill-designed for the modern American economy. For instance, their time is so cheap that they can apparently afford to spend it complaining to pollsters about your money.
Armed with this understanding -- that the ``issue'' isn't that you have so much, but that they have so much less -- you can move rapidly beyond the guilt you might otherwise feel, and attack a more serious problem: the hope in the hearts of all those related to you by blood or marriage that you intend to share your incredible new wealth with them.

He adds that "Your assignment is to prevent the natives' feelings of resentment from becoming outright hatred. The sad truth about a rich man in a democracy is that he remains vulnerable" and provides some helpful tactics for keeping the poor in their place.
Pain for the Richest Guys in the (Living) Room [Bloomberg]