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Bonus Watch: The Game Begins

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Okay. It's on. Bonus time.
Here's the pre-game report from the New York Post:

This week, the nation's financial powerhouses start to tell executives and troops what their bonuses will be, setting in motion a wave of cash washing across the city's economy.
The booty paid young bankers - associates and vice presidents - will start around $250,000 and climb over the $1 million mark, according to a New York Post survey.

That's a good start but what we all want is specific information about specific banks for specific class years. So far no one seems to have it. Email your bonus rumors into If you're worried your bosses will find out that you're emailing us confidential information, click here for information on how to get us the info on the down-low.
Bankers set to rake in $$ [New York Post]