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Bonus Watch: We're Making A List...

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Major news broke this week on the bonus front: the generals are getting $25 million. Fifty of them at Goldman. A dozen at each of Merrill and Morgan.
But what about the soldiers? No major news on that front yet. We're putting together a list of which banks are paying what to whom. And so we reiterate our request for news and gossip about bonuses. Please send your tips to us by email (tips AT dealbreaker DOT com, subject line: "Bonus Watch").
(To those of you who are especially paranoid about getting in trouble for leaking information to us, here is an alternative, "Deep Throat" techiques for passing along information. Send us an email from your non-work account, with a telephone number where you can be reached. Then we'll call you to get the scoop. There will be no record of our conversation, and nobody will know what we discussed -- with the possible exception of the NSA. )