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The blogging at might be a little creaky but at least they’re making major use of their video content. This was always the strangest thing about CNBC’s web presence: a network that produces video all day long had almost zero web-ready videos. Sometimes they even resorted to posting videos on YouTube.
Well, all that’s changed. Or, you know, probably will change soon. plans to have 3-8 hours of live programming each day. In addition they’ll have a quick summary of the markets—what they’re calling “Market in a Minute”—at the top and bottom of each hour.
CNBC is planning on putting up a ton of their archived video, which might be one of the more exciting features. But right now it’s hard to tell. Although the networked promised that “more than 15,000 videos of business and financial leaders will be available upon the launch of” currently there are zero videos in the archive (see picture above).
Update: The videos are up!