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Connecticut Is A Very Busy Place

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Gawker reveals a help wanted ad for the hedge fund manager who has everything, except the time to raise hir or her own children.

A managing partner of a rapidly expanding $4 billion hedge fund (a multi-strategy credit opportunity fund that specializes in credit analysis and credit-related investments) located in Southern Fairfield County, CT is seeking an extremely organized, time efficient Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant who can take charge of the day-to-day functioning of the family and home office.
In addition to thriving in a business setting, the Personal Assistant must also enjoy working with children. You would work in the hedge fund office and also in the Managing Partner's home--both located in Southern Fairfield County, CT. Overall, the Managing Partner is seeking someone who feels intense ownership of the people she is supporting--and views herself as a professional who eagerly goes the extra mile.

The Totally Outsourced Hedge Fund Manager [Gawker]