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Dick Grasso Returns To The NYSE (Or At Least His Head Does)

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It’s all about Dick Grasso’s head today. If you’re anywhere near the New York Stock Exchange today, you might have noticed a giant, crazy, multicolored portrait of Dick Grasso. The painting is the work of Geoffrey Raymond, the man calls “The Mad Portraitist of 7th Avenue” for his paintings of restaurant workers in Chelsea.
“Richard Grasso is either a hero or a villain, plus he has an interesting looking head,” explains Mr. Raymond. “He’s either played he game better than almost anyone in recent history or he’s guilty of massive corporate malfeasance. In either case, he makes a great subject for a painting.”
You see, painting is beyond good and evil. And it’s for sale! You can bid for it on Ebay. The opening bid is $2,500.
After the jump, and even bigger image of the portrait.