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Highlights From Last Night’s Jim Cramer Talk at the 92nd St. Y

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+Moderator (and BusinessWeek EIC) Stephen J. Adler telling the audience that Cramer “is the first guest of the Captains of Industry series with his own bobble head” [holds up bubblehead]. “It was sold out at the NBC store, and every time we tried to buy it on e-Bay, we were outbid. So we borrowed this one from a friend.” (BusinessWeek: cheap bastards or Cramer: the ultimate stocking stuffer?)
+Hearing Cramer say, “I didn’t tell my parents I got into Harvard Law School. I didn’t want to give them that satisfaction.” (“In fact, if I could’ve given birth to myself, I would have, because I feel they get far too much credit for that situation, too.”).
+Referring to Martha Stewart’s time in prison as “that stay she had in that place.”
+When discussing a certain stock, Jim-bo blurts out “I love that stock,” then immediately stops himself and counters with, “No. No. It’s just a piece of paper. Never say ‘love,’ they’ll just let you down. It’s unrequited. It is.”
+Disclosure of the fact that Gene Hackman (a major investor in his erstwhile hedge fund) is Cramer’s unofficial acting coach for Mad Money.