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Jeff Skilling's Jail Time Delayed

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Yesterday the full DealBreaker crew hit a Manhattan watering hole in honor, among other things, of Jeff Skilling's last night of freedom. The former Enron honcho was scheduled to report to jail, and we decided to raise a couple of glasses to the end of his freedom. Apparently, we were drunkdrinking without cause--late yesterday a federal appeals court pushed off the day when Skilling has to report to prison.
From the Wall Street Journal:

Late yesterday, Mr. Skilling's lead criminal defense attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, said he received notice that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had ordered a delay in his client's scheduled report date to a federal prison in Waseca, Minn., where he was to begin serving a more-than-24-year prison sentence. Mr. Skilling received that sentence as the result of being convicted earlier this year in a Houston federal court on 19 criminal counts, including conspiracy and fraud, arising from Enron's December 2001 collapse into bankruptcy. Mr. Skilling, who has consistently maintained his innocence, had been planning to fly to Minnesota this morning to report to the prison, Mr. Petrocelli said.

Skilling's Check-In To Prison Delayed Over Bail Request [Wall Street Journal]