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John Mack: $40 Million Man

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Yesterday's DealBreaker of the Year candidate, John Mack, received a year end bonus of $40 million of stock and options.
From MarketWatch:

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, who received a standing ovation from staffers on the firm's trading floor when he made a triumphant return to the brokerage last year, got a bonus of almost $40 million this week.
A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Thursday showed that the firm awarded Mack 461,821 shares of the firm's common stock this week. At today's share price of roughly $80, that's just shy of $37 million.
The filing also said he was granted options to buy 178,945 Morgan Stanley shares at 78.40 a share, a package worth about $4 million.

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Morgan CEO Mack pockets hefty bonus