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Lloyd Blankfein: He'd Go Nicely Over A Fireplace

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The Possibly $87 Million Man will finally get his moment in the sun this afternoon. "Big Lloyd I (.6 Billion)," the companion portrait to "Big Dick I (Hundred Million)," will be on display today in the Financial district, and available for purchase on e-Bay. "Unlike the Grasso painting, I painted Mr. Blankfein's portrait in a straight-forward, almost corporate manner, as befits the subject and his standing on Wall Street," Geoffrey Raymond, the artist, noted. "It's really meant to be a celebration of a big year on Wall Street rather than the ironic commentary offered by 'Big Dick I.'." Eliot Spitzer is rumored to be next up in the series.
Bigger Blankfein, after the jump.


Crystal ball image courtesy George Hodan

Lloyd Blankfein’s Crystal Ball

Divining the future pays off big for Goldman.