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MarketWatch Thinks Brian Hunter Is A Loser

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Winner: Ken Griffin -- The Amaranth Advisors LLC corpse was still warm when Griffin took advantage of the hedge fund's disastrous $6 billion loss to scoop up its distressed natural gas, crude oil and power positions. With Amaranth investors still reeling from the devastating plunge and founder Nick Maounis scrambling to offer an explanation, Griffin's Citadel hedge fund enjoyed a 3% bounce within weeks. Thank you ...
Loser: Brian Hunter -- The wily Canadian energy trader for Amaranth was the envy of everyone on Wall Street with his bold bets on natural gas reaping $2 billion in profits in just over half a year. But what a difference a month of sunshine and no hurricanes makes. Hunter went from hero to goat in the span of about two weeks, delivering a loss the likes of which has not been seen since the legendary Long Term Capital Management implosion of 1998.

Winner: MarketWatch, for this Ted Haggard-inspired tour de force, "Come on, what's a handshake and few drinks among friends? OK, if we're splitting hairs, it was more like a rubdown from a gay whore."
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