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More Players In The Pop-Tart Extortionist’s Life Speak Out

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Our good instincts tell us that we should probably leave this story alone. But then again, we cannot remember when the last time we listened to our “good instincts.” So we’re sticking with it.
In the past couple of days our comments section has heard from more people close to now-former-Pepsi executive Gary Wandschneider or Jessica Wolcott, the 22-year-old her tried to extort him out of $125,000. Or, you know, people who claim to be close. Same diff.
First we heard from Gary’s daughter, “Niki Wandschneider” (and that’s the last time we’re using scare quotes for these folks so you’ll have to just keep in mind we haven’t confirmed any of their identities). She left a very earnest comment, telling us that she was “ashamed of what my dad did.”
“But not only did he get this woman in prison but he also proved that even the most respected men can do something wrong. Like I said "its only human to make mistakes." I guess my dad made a big mistake but I still love him and I always will,” she wrote.
Then things took a turn toward the nasty. “That fucking bitch was a perv. And If you want to say shit about my dad go right ahead cause those who have the time to judge others and their mistakes are worthless,” Nikki wrote.
Well, you might not have the nicest things to say about someone who tried to blackmail your father, either.
We even heard from Jessica’s ex-mother-in-law, Valerie. Now you wouldn’t expect anything nice to come from someone’s ex-husbands mother. And nothing nice did. “I am her "ex"-mother-in-law. Thank you God. I don't think you can ever really imagine the evil in this young woman,” Valerie wrote.
Before moving on, we just want to say: more please! This is effin great!
[After the jump, more from the Pop Tart-Pepsi circle.]

We also heard from a Pepsi employee who defended Gary’s (yes, we’re on a first name basis with him after all these postings) record at Pepsi. “Gary gave 25 years of his life to Pepsi and shares a great deal of responsibility for how well the company has done in those past years. Shareholders are fortunate to have had Gary as a business leader within the company. Being a Pepsi employee I will watch this story with interest,” the Pepsi employee wrote.
Tom Charley, who claims to know Jessica Wolcott, wrote to say of Jessica, “... she really is crazy. This man made a huge mistake for meeting her and now he lost his job... i feel bad for him and his family. While I do not condone what he did, anyone that knows jess can attest she is just a bad person and it was only a matter of time before she ended up where she is.”
Another friend wrote in to say, “Well I’ve known of Jessica Wolcott for about 2 and a half years now. Within three days of meeting her, it was obvious that she was a manipulator, and a pathological liar. I feel bad saying this, but when I heard of her ‘misfortune’, I actually smiled a little bit.”
But don’t think Jess is without her supporters. As least one associate wrote to blame everything on her family history. “I have known Jessica for many years, as a previous friend of my daughter. Yes, she does deserve to be punished for her crime. She has a big history of falsehoods. But, those of you who don't know her, shouldn't judge her. She has a really messed up mom, and her dad had passed away when she was young. I'm not defending her actions, because we knew she'd get bitten in the backside by so much lying and manipulating. But, she is a real girl, with a sad life, and she shouldn't be indiscrimantely labled,” she wrote.
As we mentioned earlier: more please. We love these kind of comments!