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MTV Trying To Win Wall Street's Affection By Stiffing Vanessa Minnillo, Etc.?

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From Gawker...

Viacom's holding money back to look good for Wall Street Producers and talent are calling and complaining to MTV Networks about past due invoices. Ever since Tom Freston was ousted a few months back MTVN has tried to look healthy for Wall Street. With this in mind MTVN hasn't issued payments for 2 weeks and rumors are circulating that no payments will go out for the rest of the year. This might help MTVN look more successful at the end of a very difficult year (companies split and Freston fired). Employees have been told that if they tell those seeking payment that money is being held back that they will be fired.

This tactic might actually work. Wall Street can never resist a (BS)D.

Irresponsible Rumormongering: Stiffed By MTV?