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Not Fired: Perkins Takes It All Back!

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It seems that the rumor of the firing on Ross Levinsohn, the man who famously brought MySpace into the News Corp family, was way off base. MedaWireDaily this morning runs an email from Levinsohn denying the story, which gained public attention after the website ran a brief interview with Red Herring CEO Tony Perkins at a recent party. Perkins claims in the video that Levinsohn was fired.
Here's the email from Levinsohn to MWD:

tony perkins is completely irresponsible. he had no basis for his story and was drunk at a party and thought he was cool. he even sent me a long email (below). not a shred of truth in his ramblings.

MWD also runs an email from Perkins to Levinsohn, in which Perkins takes it all back.

This video you are referring to was taken at Tim Draper’s party (I have no idea where it is posted) – Tim is one of my best friends, and we were all partying and being sarcastic and teasing the gal who was interviewing people – whom I also have never met before, and have no idea who she represents - it is also at this party where I heard from one source that you had been given the option to stop raising your fund or leave – whether this is a true story or not, the use of the word “fired” was clearly NOT appropriate, so I am very sorry about that mischaracterization.

Tony Perkins would do anything to make it up to Ross Levinsohn