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Planespotting: Sate Your Barry Diller Craving

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Barry Diller: Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos Int'l to William P Hobby on his Cessna Citation X
NB: This flight has not departed yet; it is scheduled to take off/arrive tomorrow at 05:23AM GMT/12:47AM CST. All you rabid Diller fans out there, bust out the head shots and get yourselves an autograph worth putting under glass (we're looking at you, Nicky Kristof. Drew Pinsky, you're also being watched. You know why).
Stevie Cohen: Austin Bergstrom Int'l to Collin Co Regional At Mc Kinney to Miami Int'l to Palm Beach Int'l to Brussels Natl on his Gulfstream IV
Somebody's trying to (somewhat gauchely) rack up some last minute miles.
Warren Buffett: North Eleuthera to Palm Beach Int'l on his Cessna Citation Excel.
Next year in Jerusalem!