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Plotkin Plot Update:Jason Smith Puts Tinge on Goldman Sachs' Red Letter Day

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Lately, you can't pick up a newspaper go online without reading about how great Goldman Sachs is. Goldman Sachs has the best bonuses! Goldman Sachs' fourth-quarter profit practically doubled! Goldman Sachs employs 83 and 47%, respectively, of the men and women who belong to my temple. Goldman Sachs this. Goldman Sachs that. It's not like we don't love ourselves some good GS now and then, it's just that their "Everything Is Coming Up Roses!" campaign was starting to get into our craw, a little bit, of late. Which is why we'd be lying if we said it wasn't a little gratifying to learn that former NJ postal worker Jason Smith was just sentenced to 33 months in a federal prison for his role in the "worldwide insider trading ring orchestrated by the former Goldman Sachs employees, David Pajcin and Eugene ["twinkle toes"] Plotkin." It's not like Lloyd Blankfein's going to lose sleep over this. But it might just spoil his 4 o'clock cavier snack and cat nap, just a smidge. We'll take what we can get.
Ex-postal worker gets jail time for insider trading [Reuters]