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Quote of the Day: Eddy Elfenbein, Telepath

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"I watch CNBC in my office with the sound muted. Strangely, even with no sound, I can always understand what Rick Santelli is saying." --Eddy Elbenbein, Crossing Wall Street.
[Editor's Note: Every now and then we like to call a feature "... of the day." You know, like "Deal of the Day" or "Stock of the day." Usually we have every intention of keeping up with this and making it a daily feature. But, to be frank, when we call something a "daily feature" that usually translates into "when we get around to it." But if you have any suggestions for new daily or weekly features, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below. We're looking to launch some new things in the new year, especially now that we've more or less dropped the Shorter DealBook.]