Reason #3 Why It Sucks To Be A Taco Bell Executive

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We've been known to make a run for the border ourselves. Despite our proximity to such gems of cheap, fast New York taco spots as San Loco, every now and again we like to drop by Taco Bell just to bring back the memories of being an impoverished student in a taco starved town. But just know we saw a Taco Bell executive on CNBC talking about the E.coli incidents. When asked whether he still eats Taco Bell, he replied that he eats it every day. Every day! Ugh. Just the thought of it...There were reasons why we always called it "Toxic Hell" in our college days.
[In case you missed them: Reason #2 was: E.coli. And, of course, Reason #1 it sucks to be a Taco Bell executive: You're an executive at Taco Bell.]