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The Buffett People Strike Back: The Da Vinci of Omaha?

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One of the reasons we love poking fun at Warren Buffett is the reaction we get from his many admirers, fans, groupies and cultists. Our latest post on the old man of Omaha, wondering if part of the mysterious hold Buffett seems to have over the psyches of some people was based on his resemblance to a Midwest grandmother, drew a lot of comments. In fact, we wrote that post last week and it's still drawing comments. (Is there some central clearing house of Buffett fans dispatching commenters to DealBreaker or do we just naturally have an outsized readership of Buffett fans? Doesn't the latter seem unlikely?)
The most over the top comment came from "Cir," who literally elevated Buffett to the level of divinity. "Let me explain. Buffett is no mere mortal like you and me. As investors we're fortunate enough to be around the same time as the great one. Doubtful that there will be another one like him in the next 100 yrs. Buffett's has no peer in the investment world. He is comparable to only other historical greats (genius) like Einstein and DaVinci," Cir wrote.
There are lots more like that. And in fact, they are quite diverse. Some admire Buffett because he makes lots of money (fair enough). And others because he is a "good person" (open to debate). Still others because he is a kind of Nietzschean Uber-man (scary). Check out the comments and feel free to keep the debate going!