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The Daily News Thinks You Should Stop Hitting On The Bartender At Nebraska Beef

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The Daily News today runs the inevitable story on the trickle-down effect of Wall Street bonuses. They interview a BMW salesman, a golf club salesman, an officer of the Bayonne Golf Club, a spokesperson for the city's Office of Management and Budget, a jewelry saleswoman, a couple of caterers and a bartender. For most, they give the name, age and occupation. But for that bartender, well, apparently there's more information you need to know. Like her marital status and the fact that she comes with luggage.

Mona Vijolan, 27, of Glendale, Queens, tends bar at Nebraska Beef, a Stone St. steakhouse in the shadow of the Goldman Sachs building. Lately, brokers haven't blinked at the $63 price when ordering "The Stockbroker," a hunk of aged prime rib served with a half-pound lobster tail.
"This is the month for bonuses and when the market's been good, our customers are even more generous than usual," said Vijolan, who's married and has a 4-year-old daughter. "This year has been great," she said, adding that $100 tips are commonplace.

Emphasis added by DealBreaker. Gratuitous reference to the bartenders marital status provided by the News.

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