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The Portchester Car Crash: Mystery solved!

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For the past couple of days we've been asking about this wrecked Porsche. Our interest was purely conjectural. A fancy car, wrecked on a street near Greenwich, Connecticut, conflicting stories about what really happened—our instincts told us that this was a DealBreaker story. Someone involved works for Wall Street or a hedge fund, we guessed. And we were right.
In fact, we were more right than we thought. The owner of the car wasn't just some unknown hedge fundster or anonymous Wall Street Guy, it's Robert Greenhill, former Chairman and CEO of Smith Barney and founder of Greenhill & Co, according to the New York Post.
Case closed! (By the way, we're enjoying this new system where we get to ask the important questions, and then the Post sends reporters out to answer them.)
From 440G To A Wreck In 1 Sec [New York Post]