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Time Warner Is No Pepsi

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We don't want to harp on the story of Gary Wandschneider, the Pepsi Bottling Group executive who went to the Feds when his attempt to get a little on the side made him the target of a twenty-two year old scammer extortionist. He's certainly not the first wealthy, older man to find himself in a compromising situation with a nice-looking younger girl. And he probably never expected the whole thing to end up with his picture splattered across the New York Post and the internets. And now he's out of a job. (But don't feel too bad. He pulled down six million bucks last year, so if he's not an idiot, he'll be okay.)
But the news that Wandshneider was fired/quit/just stopped coming to work had us recalling another executive caught up in a sex-scandal of sorts. We're talking, of course, about William Wayne Pace (pictured above and left), the Time Warner executive who allegedly gave lots of money and gifts to Andrea Schwartz, who police claim was leading a drug and prostitution ring. We made a couple of calls this morning but no one returned them. Nonetheless, it seems that Pace is still toiling away as chief financial officer for Time Warner.
So maybe that was Wandshneider's biggest mistake—he was working for the wrong company. If you want to have an "inappropriate relationship" with a young woman—the kind where lots of money changes hands—you go to work for Time Warner. Pepsi is for prudes.